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The advent of abstraction. Russia, 1914-1923. Ediz. illustrata,
L'avanguardia russa è un movimento artistico che ha vissuto uno sviluppo notevole tra il 1890 e il 1930 e che ha investito pittura, letteratura, cinema, scultura, architettura e propagan
5 Continents edition

The advent of abstraction. Russia, 1914-1923. Ediz. illustrata
Towards Photojournalism 1848-1919, Dominique de Font-Reaulx
Ever since its invention in 1839, photography has had the ambition of reproducing everything and depicting the overall reality of the world. Given the long exposure times of the daguerrotype, the firs
5 Continents edition

Towards Photojournalism 1848-1919
Fragonard Louvre. Drawing Gallery, Cuzin Jean-Pierre
The Louvre collection of drawings by Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732-1806) is one of the finest and most well-balanced there is. It provides an overview, from the beginning to the end of his career, throu
5 Continents edition

Fragonard Louvre. Drawing Gallery
Landscapes and Nature, Heilbrun Francoise
Photography was by no means an easy medium for reproducing the natural world in the nineteenth century, with different exposures needed to render sky, sea, land or foliage. The pioneers mastered the c
5 Continents edition

Landscapes and Nature
Ingres Gallery of Art, Hauptman William
This monograph on Ingres art includes a broad biographical account of his life and the artistic scene he frequented in Paris and Rome. It places his art within the context of 19th-century art movement
5 Continents edition

Ingres Gallery of Art
Verrocchio, Lorenzo Di Credi, Francesco Di Simone Ferruchi, Regoli Gigetta Dalli
This volume is dedicated to the Italian master Andrea del Verrocchio (1435/36-1488) and a few of his most important collaborators. The Louvre Museum collection boasts significant sheets from the Flore
5 Continents edition

Verrocchio, Lorenzo Di Credi, Francesco Di Simone Ferruchi
The New Pinocchio, Nostlinger Christine
Carlo Collodi's universally acknowledged masterpiece of children's literature The Adventures of Pinocchio was first published in 1883.This fairy-tale, at once modern and timeless, has been t
5 Continents edition

The New Pinocchio