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Meiji Ceramics, Jahn G.
Pressure exerted by America in 1854 caused Japan to open its doors after 260 years of isolation. Wide receptiveness to everything Western was the driving force behind the modernization of Japan initia
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Meiji Ceramics
Moebel fýr den Maerchenkoenig, Schick A.
Anton Pssenbacher (1842-1920), cabinet-maker to the Bavarian court in Munich, was head of one of the largest late nineteenth-century German makers of luxury furnishings. His furniture designs, especia
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Moebel fýr den Maerchenkoenig
Homage to Savitsky. Collecting 20th-Century Russian and Uzbek Art,
Unnoticed by the international art world until recently, the Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art - located in Nukus, Uzbekistan - houses the second largest collection of Russian avant-garde art in the
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Homage to Savitsky. Collecting 20th-Century Russian and Uzbek Art
MING. Porcelain for a Globalised Trade, Strober Eva
The Ming Dynasty (1368 1644) is regarded as one of the most glorious in Chinese history especially in regards to porcelain. Ming denotes the finest and most precious porcelain, which regularly achieve
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MING. Porcelain for a Globalised Trade
The Modern Style. Art Nouveau 1899-1905,
Features over 2500 objects such as metal, ceramics, glass, furniture and jewelry from the Art Nouvea movement that were included in leading internation al specialist journals. All of these journals ha
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The Modern Style. Art Nouveau 1899-1905
Bengel Art Deco Schmuck,
Arnoldsche published "Art Deco Jewelry, Jakob Bengel, Idar-Oberstein" in 2002. Until then entirely unknown, the costume-jewellery maker Jakob Bengel was thus introduced to the annals of jewe
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Bengel Art Deco Schmuck
Pavel Tchelitchew: Metamorphoses, Kuznetsov Alexander
Pavel Tchelitchew (1898-1957) is amongst the most fascinating artist personalities of the modern era. After completing his apprenticeship in Moscow and Kiev, at the beginning of the 1920s he worked as
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Pavel Tchelitchew: Metamorphoses
Passion for Meissen, Pietsch Ulrich
This meticulously designed publication focuses on the artistic details of masterpieces of Meissen porcelain.
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Passion for Meissen