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Symbols, Pictograms and Silhouettes (+ CD-ROM), Aymerich Marta
An image speaks more than 1000 words. This book features the best silhouettes, icons and pictograms created by designers from all around the world. "Symbols" tries to isolate some graphical
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Symbols, Pictograms and Silhouettes (+ CD-ROM)
Hit. Logos and Symbols, Gwon Young Soo
This book brings together over 9000 of the world's most famous brand marks, symbols and logos. Divided into 200 different trade categories such as sports, real estate, tourism, cafes, government
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Hit. Logos and Symbols
New Species,
They are everywhere: from toys to fashion wear, character designs are so ubiquitous they are now a new species among us. New Species: Contemporary Character Design Made in Asia presents 22 of Asia&apo
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New Species
DIY: Gift Wrapping,
"First title from the new collection DIY, Do It Yourself, about wrapping. When it comes to giving a gift to a loved one, we dedicate time thinking about and looking for the something they'll
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DIY: Gift Wrapping
"Basic is a series about the basic disciplines of graphic design with many examples in each area. The first instalment in the series was about Logos. The earlier books were about Packaging, Corpo
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Basic Poster,

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Basic Poster
Basic Type,
The Basic series explores the basic fundamentals of graphic design, and Basic Type is the newest book in this successful series. Basic Type aims not at exploring the creation and design of typographie
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Basic Type
Poster Design, Sala Marius
The Made in Spain collection is back with some of the best poster design work to come out of Spain's most celebrated studios. Posters of varied subjects suchs as cinema, music, self-promotion, ex
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Poster Design
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